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Sales Closing Dates

  • March 15 - Corn, Soybeans, Spring Wheat
  • September 30 - Winter Wheat

Projected Price Announced

  • March 5 - Corn, Soybeans, Spring Wheat
  • September 20 - Winter Wheat

Early Planting Dates

  • April 11 - Corn
  • April 21 - Soybeans

Production History Due Date

  • April 29 - Corn, Soybeans, Spring Wheat
  • November 14 - Winter Wheat

Acreage Reporting Deadline

  • July 15 - Corn, Soybeans, Winter Wheat
  • November 15 - Winter Wheat

Premium Billing Date

  • August 15 - Corn, Soybeans, Spring Wheat
  • July 1 - Winter Wheat

Harvest Price Announced

  • November 5 - Corn, Soybeans, Winter Wheat
  • August 5 - Winter Wheat

The Six Perils that Cost You Top End Bushels

Six Perils

Every year weather events and the losses they cause begin to rob bushels from your crop's yield potential. Unfortunately, these losses begin at the top and work their way down thus reducing your revenue opportunities and more importantly stealing more and more of your profit revenue.

Each year, weather is responsible for 90% of the total losses that occur in your fields (insects, management and other factors account for the additional 10%). Interestingly, crop scientists and climatologists have identified the top six weather events that are responsible for nearly 90% of all weather losses. These six events are:

  • Excessive moisture
  • Early season drought
  • Mid-season drought
  • Daytime heat stress
  • Nighttime heat stress
  • Low heating degree units/early freeze

Although a single weather event may not have a significant negative impact on your crop's yield potential, when added together these small events can have a very detrimental effect.

For example, many times drought brings with it excessive heat. If during a critical 7-day growing period your crop experiences drought, daytime and nightime heat stress the effects on your crop would be considerable.

With as much as 30% or more of the revenue you could potentially generate sitting above your breakeven line and the fact that breakeven costs continue to rise at breakneck speeds, it's critical that you develop a strategy for protecting your profit from these yield robbing weather events.