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With over 160 years combined experience, Crop Solutions provides service, knowledge and integrity to help clients through planning, reporting and claims processing situations when Mother Nature strikes.


  • Risk Management Service
  • Precision Technology
  • USDA Program Information
Insurance Agent

How do they work?

Risk Management

Here at Crop Solutions there is no such thing as one size fits all. Every farming operation is unique. We take a comprehensive look at your operation and study what your risks look like from a financial perspective. Once we have that understanding, we build a custom approach with a Federal Crop Insurance product and possibly a private product. In the end, you will have a safety net that you can rely on along with a product you can use each year regardless if you collect or not.

Precision Tech

Precision Crop Insurance Solutions use your precision farming data for required crop reporting and claims, providing a seamless experience from accurate data collection to claims settlement and everything in between.

USDA Program Information

More and more programs from USDA seem to involve cross department requirements. An FSA program might have parts that will have an effect on your Federal Crop Insurance and vice versa. We make sure to keep up on what’s happening within USDA and will let you know about any programs that could affect your operation.